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Our Team

Science Specialist -
Victoria Johnson joined the Jordan Science Team in 2022.  She brings vast experience from the secondary classroom to her role!  With a master's degree from the University of Utah, Tori brings great content knowledge and insight about secondary students to Jordan School District.  Tori loves adventures of any kind and will laugh until she cries!  Her teaching superpower is creating engaging, fun lessons that students will remember forever.
STEM and Jordan PREP -
Pierce could best be described as a person who would do anything to help students reach their potential.  After 30 years in the corporate world as an engineer, Stacy jumped into the world of education, teaching math at West Jordan Middle School.  She quickly transitioned to running Jordan PREP full-time and has grown the program to allow students the opportunity to earn an engineering certificate through the problem.  Stacy's teaching superpower is her passion to see students succeed!
Science Specialist -
Rachael Coleman
has been a science specialist in Jordan School District for 4 years.  After almost 20 years of teaching elementary and middle school science, she brings content knowledge and teaching strategies.  Rachael holds degrees from Northeastern State University, Western Governor's University, and many content area endorsements.  She loves working with teachers and her teaching superpower is her unbelievable creativity!
Science Specialist -
Lynn Gutzwiller began her journey as a Jordan Science Specialist 3 years ago.  Her 20 years in the classroom teaching ELA, science, and physical education, gives her vast background for content integration.  Along with bachelor's and master's degrees, Lynn holds endorsements in English Language Arts, Elementary Science, Educational Technology and Instructional Coaching.   Lynn loves creating engaging science curriculum that includes hands-on investigations and digital resources and her teaching superpower is her classroom enthusiasm!